Why Can’t I View My Website on a Mobile?

If your website is not working on mobile devices, it’s essential to determine the cause behind it so you can take appropriate corrective action. Here are some important reasons why your website is not working on a mobile device.

It is Not Mobile Responsive

This is the most obvious and the number one reason your website is not working on mobile. If your website is not mobile responsive, it won’t resize to different screen sizes, and that’s why it’s not delivering the best experience on mobile devices.

Google has been very clear and vocal in its support for mobile friendly websites. The recent mobilegeddon update means that search results on mobile devices will be in favour of mobile friendly websites. If your competitors have already invested in a mobile responsive website while you haven’t yet, you are losing out on a lot of business.

Begin your search for web design Nantwich agencies and get some quotes for building a mobile responsive website. Building a responsive website is not as expensive as you are anticipating it to be. In fact, it’s an investment in your business that you can’t afford to ignore.

Slow Loading Mobile Pages

One of the essential aspects of a good user experience is the load time of a website. Your website looks great on mobile devices and all the links are easy to click. All that’s great! But if your website takes 20 seconds to load every page, most of your visitors are heading back to the search results to visit one of your competitors.

Take care of this problem by hiring a good web design Nantwich agency to build a new website from scratch. Ensure that your website does not have a huge number of javascript files and plugins that can easily slow down the speed of your website. A professional agency will also optimise the images to increase the website’s load speed.

Poor Navigation

The navigation menu is a very, very important part of a website.

If your website has quite a few pages, the menu should be designed in a way that ensures it is easy to use even on mobile devices.

If your visitors spend longer they need to scrolling through a cumbersome menu, they are most likely to bounce out of your website.

Hire an experienced web design Nantwich agency to build a website that features a user friendly navigation menu.

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